A high quality coin with the exact same shape, size & weight as a 7-sided UK 50p coin. ( 8 grams weight, 27.5mm diameter )


This collectable piece has been struck with fine detail, and is PURE silver plated with a gorgeous 'proof' mirror finish.


This coin also features colour printing on one side.


Comes encapsulated in an air tight display capsule to protect from marks & scratches. 


This product is exclusive to '7 Sided Mint'.


View this coin in the full 360° 4K video on youtube here.

Congratulations 'It's A Girl' Silver Plated 50p Shaped Coin

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  • This 50p shaped coin is a perfect gift to give someone to celebrate the exciting news or birth of their new baby girl. A keepsake to be kept for many years to come to remember this important time in their lives, even to be handed down to the baby once it grows up.

    A lovely high quality unique gift suitable for giving to a friend or family member before the baby is born, and also a great gift for giving at a baby shower, and at a cheap price.